Case Details

Contract Note Reader

The Task
Our esteemed Client manages many vendors, and clients, daily. They do contract with each one of them. A significant part of the task was to get contract forms filled in hard copy as per regulatory provisions. Their contracts are also renewed regularly, so it is not a one-time task for them. A part of this task is to convert these hard copies into soft form.
The Client used to manage many compliances by using emails, excels, and their field experience.
The Pain Points
The Client team used to manually feed the data into the system but later when their clients increased and their workload amplified it started to take longer time and human error increased which required rechecking of already entered data. The client team also tried different products but since they had a unique requirement they approached the NI3SYS team.
The Solution
The NI3SYS team offered an online solution wherein clients’ clients can just scan the document and upload the file and the solution reads all the data.
They can refer, share, and manage data as per suitability. This has saved client’s time, and human errors and made it easier to convert data from hard copy into soft copy.
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