Case Details

Compliance Management System

The Task
Client Team had the responsibility of managing their own vertical-wise compliances as well as managing their client’s compliances on their behalf.
The Client used to manage many compliances by using emails, excels, and their field experience.
The Pain Points
Since the tools used by them were not synched together and there was no real-time clarity. Reports and task monitoring were mostly done over emails and Excel sheets. It required a lot of human intervention and hence human errors were prevalent.
The Solution
The Ni3SYS team offered an online solution wherein each vertical can create its tasks.
They have Periodic reminders, personalized dashboards individual task allocation, delegation, approval, rejection, and any other activity that is possible in the given solution.
The task required real-time task updates, monitoring, report generation, escalations, and reporting.
Reporting and monitoring of compliances can be done in real-time by the leaders hence the solution brought transparency into the system.
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